Travel Destination – Copenhagen

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Enjoying Copenhagen!
Copenhagen offers lot of wonders, among others, the magical Tivoli Garden, incredible restaurants requiring reservations several weeks ahead, the promenades on paved streets, and much more. So how to make the most of your getaway in the capital of Denmark?
Marble Church
Copenhagen – Marble Church
As we did in Amsterdam, we decided to have a first good sight of the city by booking a free walk tour. The three most famous companies offering this service are : Copenhagen Free Walking TourSandemans New Europe and Free Tour. We booked a tour with Sandemans which offers a 2.5 hour walking tour covering all main sites of Copenhagen, including Copenhagen City HallCopenhagen Opera House, and the Marble Church.
We enjoyed learning about some cornerstones of the history of Copenhagen, like the two massive and tragic Copenhagen Fire of 1728 and 1795 which destroyed a large part of the city. Overall, we were surprisingly a bit disappointed by the guide. We found that he walked us superficially around the city and instead we would have liked him to go into more details when we were visiting major points of interest of the city.
street of Copenhagen
Copenhagen – Street View
The water is omnipresent in Copenhagen, and both tourists and locals have numerous ways to enjoy it. To make the most of it, we suggest to go to Papiroeen aka Copenhagen Street Food. Once there, grab some street food, sit down on the cozy chairs, treat yourself with delicious food while contemplating the water channels.
food market
Copenhagen – Papiroeen Street Food
There are over 30 restaurants, offering food from all over the world including Indian, French, American, Southeast Asia, and much more. Once your stomach is full and you are done with your sunbath, why not take a swim at Islands Brygge Havnebadet, an open air swimming pool, in the center of the city, next to the Copenhagen harbor. No worries, the water is checked daily and has to be approved by the authorities before swimmers are let in. Take your nicest swimsuit and dip in one the five swimming pool.
a mermaid
Copenhagen – The Little Mermaid
On Visit Copenhagen website, you can find out plenty cool and fun water activities to do in the city. For example, you can rent a kayak with Kayak Republic or rent a boat with Boatflex. We chose to do a historical tour of Copenhagen with Netto Baadene Boat Tours and started the tour at Nyhavn where you can admire one of the most iconic view of Copenhagen. The colored Netherland-style houses one next to each other, water channels, restaurants and bars with a view on the ships are one of the many reasons which attracts people to wander in Nyvhan. Thanks to this tour, we had a close look of the Black Diamond Library, the worldwide known Little Mermaid, and the Christianshavns Canal.
water canal and colored houses
Copenhagen – Nyhavn
If, like us, you like admiring cities from the top, Copenhagen is definitely your place. You will have to sweat a little bit for that but you will be highly rewarded. The top observatory points of Copenhagen are Radhus (the City Hall Tower), Christiansborg Slot Tower which offers an ascension by elevator, Vor Frelsers Kirke which is the most physical among all, and Rundetarn, the easiest one.
city panoramic view
Copenhagen – Panoramic View
During our getaway, we stayed at the Hotel Danmark, a 4 stars boutique hotel. Unsurprisingly, the room was quite small but the Nordic cool and calm decor make the room looks so charming. We enjoyed the nice « Wine Hour » on the rooftop, where we could admire a stunning view on the Tivoli Gardens and on Copenhagen while doing wine tasting.
hotel rooftop
Copenhagen – Hotel Danmark Rooftop
Reaching Copenhagen from Paris is about less than two hours by plane. You can book with low cost companies or in advance to have good prices. From Montreal, most flights have a connection. Enjoy your stay 🙂

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