The Inspiration Package at Spa Ovarium Montreal

spa lounge
Spa Ovarium – Lounge

Make 2018 wonderful by putting your wellness first. Look into your day and find an appropriate time to dedicate to your practice. Earlier this week, we went to the Spa Ovarium located on Beaubien Street in Saint-Edouard district of Montreal.

The mission of the Spa Ovarium is to help you to improve your overall health and inner well-being by applying the abilities of caring professionals and the best advanced technologies. We were invited at the Spa Ovarium to try the Inspiration package which consists of a 3-step treatment including 30 minutes of Pulsar, 30 minutes of NeuroSpa, and 60 minutes of Floatation Bath.

a person doing the Pulsar session
Spa Ovarium – Pulsar

The Inspiration package starts with a 30 minutes session of Pulsar to allow your body to reach a deep state of relaxation. The Pulsar relaxation method influences the natural rhythms in our brain through sonic and luminous pulsations. How it works?

During a Pulsar session, your are plunged into the dark while wearing a pair of goggles equipped with tiny electroluminescent diodes in front of each eye, and stereo headphones. The combined emission of sound and light generates a reaction in the brain that leads to a very relaxed state. The benefits of Pulsar includes among others a reduction of negative stress, insomnia, and hyperactivity. A Pulsar session is the ideal prelude to the NeuroSpa, and the Floatation-Bath.

Spa Ovarium – NeuroSpa

After the Pulsar treatment, we were accompanied in another room to experience a 30 minutes session of NeuroSpa. The NeuroSpa is a zero gravity reclined and contoured armchair that facilitates complete mental and physical synchronization. Unlike the Pulsar, there are no voices giving you instructions during the session. The NeuroSpa produces intra-corporeal music synchronized with conventional music.

When you seat in the armchair, the music captivates your mind’s attention while the multi-frequency harmonic vibrations directly communicate with your central nervous system by the way of your spinal column. A 30 minutes session of NeuroSpa helps to calm your nervous system, neutralize muscular inflammation, and reduce anxiety. After those two treatments, we were mentally and physically ready to experience the Floatation Bath.

Floatation Bath

When we entered in the Floatation Bath room, we did not really know how it works and the technician explained us the mechanism in details. Don’t worry, your body will not sink into the water! The Floatation Bath is an egg-shaped sensory isolation tank filled with Epsom salt water. Moreover, the door of the floatation-bath is counter-weighted, thus you can adjust it at your convenience.

As we experienced it at the Dead Sea few years ago, the natural buoyancy created by the high salt concentration leads your body to float effortlessly. The water of the Floatation Bath is maintained at natural skin temperature, allowing both your mind and body to let go entirely, and drift into a state of deep relaxation.

The sensation you feel after one hour in the Floatation Bath is incredible! Your body is light and completely rested. In fact, one hour of floating is the equivalent of three hours of sleep. Also, to make yourself more comfortable, it is not mandatory to wear a swimsuit.

spa entrance
Spa Ovarium

Since its opening in 1982, Spa Ovarium is still today an ideal place to deeply revitalize oneself. They have recently renovated the lounge area and also offer a range of fresh smoothies. As a gift, we would like to give you the chance to experience the Inspiration package. Visit our Instagram for the details of this wellness giveaway.

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