Exposition Leitmotifs du 15 mai au 25 octobre 2015

Le Musée du Costume et du Textile du Québec présente l’exposition Leitmotifs du 15 mai au 25 octobre 2015. Au menu de cette exposition, vous aurez l’occasion de savourer le textile sous tous ses imprimés et motifs: floraux, animaliers, géométriques, etc.

LeitmotifCes imprimés intemporels reviennent au fil des années et incarnent des rôles d’ambassadeurs d’une saison à une autre. Au fil de l’exposition, vous voyagerez à travers le temps pour découvrir l’origine de chacun de ces motifs et ce qu’ils symbolisent dans certains pays.

LeitmotifAfin de promouvoir les talents d’ici, le Musée a réunit plusieurs pièces et créations de designers québecois: Betina Lou, Coloré Design, Niapsou Design et Travis Taddeo.

LeitmotifProfitez de la saison estivale pour visiter l’exposition Leitmotifs du mardi au dimanche de 10h à 17h.

Musée du Costume et du Textile du Québec, 363 rue de la Commune Est (Montréal, QC).

Alien Cartoon Collection by Selly Raby Kane

The new Fall/Winter 2014 collection from Selly Raby Kane showcases a variety of prints, textures, and vibrant colors. It is a reflection on an Invaded African city, where naive and fantastic creatures would evolve among Human beings…

What would this city look like?

Selly Raby Kane

What would art become?


What would its inhabitants wear?

Selly Raby Kane

How would we go from one place to another?

Selly Raby Kane

The possibilities are infinite.

With an Afro-surrealistic and a cartoony influence Selly Raby Kane explores the answers and attempts to find solutions to the interrogation that such a naïve and fantastic journey could raise through garment and silhouettes. Find more about Selly Raby Kane by visiting www.sellyrabykane.com.

Bineta Sanor Spring Summer Collection 2013

Bineta Sanor

Young designer Bineta Sanor’s passion for design started at her ealiest age. By launching her brand, she wants to promote creative and purposeful fashion.

When creating her brand, designer Bineta Sanor wanted to explore the close-knit world of ready-to-wear chains. Her idea was very simple: to offer an alternative to what is generally found in stores, with a golden rule to promote wax prints. Yet, as a sign of recognition, she combines the word “wax” at all seasons to provide inspired and unique pieces.

With printed cotton at the basis of all her collections, designer Bineta Sanor also mixes materials such as denim, silk, linen, embroidery and lace. Aside from offering singular prints and adjusted cuts highlighting any outfit, she also values rarity. Because all women are precious and unique, they must not all wear the same thing! Therefore, collection pieces are limited editions.

More essential is the message she wishes to pass in launching her brand: that of a dynamic Africa that develops, invests in research and commits to the future of women. Her idea of fashion dictates a simple message, “Fashion should be useful“.

Bineta Sanor’s new VERSATILE collection is an anthem for the modern woman. Combining strength and softness of materials and shapes, VERSATILE collection offers structured pieces and adjusted cuts embracing curves. The selected prints, ethnic and singular, elicit moods and desires in colors fruity and reassuring. From strapless leather dresses to padded shorts and perfectos, each piece combines charm and character to better celebrate what is unique in everyone.

Photographer: Kia Chenelle | Models: Alexius Diana and Hanna Fredericks
Hair and make up: Aretha Covinghton | Styling & production: Anna Toure| PR

The MASS Gala is back at Rialto Theater

The McGill African Students Society (MASS) was founded in 2004 in Montreal. It is a full status club operating under the Student Society of McGill University. The main mandate of the MASS is to promote and present the diverse and rich African culture to the McGill community and the greater Montreal area. This is a group of students who are not solely African but who are also passionate and interested regarding African-oriented topics.

Every year, the annual cultural gala has a diferent theme. Past examples include: “Addis-The New Africa”, “T.I.A: This is Africa” and most recently, the “McGill African Music and Arts Awards”. This year the theme will be ” Harusi: An African Wedding”.


The performances at each gala cover all aspects of MASS’ mandate. For instance, the fashion shows, singing, and dance routines showcase the diversity of African culture. Similarly, the poetry, spoken word, theatre and short films that are presented touch on current events and contemporary African issues.

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