VOLTA by Cirque du Soleil

VOLTA Cirque du Soleil – Photo credit: Patrice Lamoureux

Volta is the recent show presented by Cirque du Soleil in world premiere under the Big Top in Montreal’s Old Port until July 23rd. Directed by Bastien Alexandre, Volta is a modern story about the freedom to choose and being true to oneself.

Inspired in part by the adventurous spirit of action sports culture, Cirque du Soleil features for the first time acrobatic BMX and Parkour driven by mesmerizing melodies. While celebrating freedom as a movement, Volta delivers strong messages about modern society, acceptance and self love.

VOLTA Cirque du Soleil – Photo credit: Patrice Lamoureux

I was particularly impressed by the elegance expressed by this young acrobat during her solo performance. In both acts, costumes designed by Zaldy Goco were stunning and colorful in reference of street arts and characters identity. Moreover, performers give an amazing show on stage and bring this magical touch we love about Cirque du Soleil.

VOLTA lounge – Photo credit: Patricia Brochu

Enhance your experience at Cirque du Soleil with all-inclusive VIP package to plunge into Volta universe and get the best seats for the show. With exclusive access to Volta private lounge, enjoy hors d’oeuvres catered by Agnus Dei and refreshments at open bar. Lounge opens 1 hour prior the show and welcomes you also during the intermission.

Agnus Dei – Photo credit: Patricia Brochu

Visit Cirque du Soleil website for more details about Volta schedules and to reserve your tickets.

The Big Top

Quai Jacques Cartier, De La Commune East

Montreal, Old Port

Centaur Theatre: Clybourne Park

Lisa Bronwyn Moore, Kwasi Songui and Liana Montoro – Photo Credit: Andrée Lanthier

Centaur Theatre Company presents the Pulitzer Prize for Drama-winning play, Clybourne Park, written by American playwright, Bruce Norris, until April 30th. A biting satire about property, privilege and provocation… What happens when the dream explodes?

Eleanor Noble, Matthew Gagnon, Marcel Jeannin, Lisa Bronwyn Moore, Harry Standjofski- Photo Credit: Andrée Lanthier

Travel back in time to Chicago, 1959, to an all-white, middle class neighborhood. Bev and Russ have sold their house to a black family, upsetting the ‘social order’ and creating havoc among their friends.

Lisa Bronwyn Moore, Eleanor Noble, Marcel Jeannin, Liana Montoro, Kwasi Songui and Matthew Gagnon – Photo Credit: Andrée Lanthier

Act Two fast-forwards to 2009 where the tables are turned as a white couple attempts to buy and tear down the very same house to erect a more pretentious home, now in an all-black community, triggering identical issues fifty years later.

Clybourne Park looks at prejudice, property, and political correctness, then and now, in a blisteringly funny and timely satire.

Next shows: Matinées (1:00 pm & 2:00 pm) and Evenings (8:00 pm) until April 30th.

Centaur Theatre Company

453 St. François-Xavier, Montreal

Dialogues des Carmélites presented by Opéra de Montréal

Dialogues des Carmélites – Photo credit: Yves Renaud

Dialogues des Carmélites is a French opera in three acts by Francis Poulenc. First created in an Italian version, the premiere of the French version took place at the Opéra de Paris in 1957.

The action takes place in 1789, an historic year marked by the French Revolution. Blanche De La Force, the main protagonist, is a young Parisian aristocrat with high-strung and fearful nature. Trying to escape the world where she does not know how to live, she announces to her father her intention to enter the convent of Carmel in Compiègne.

Wrecked by the French Revolution, religious orders are dissolved and the nuns condemned to death but Blanche managed to escape. She is going to live the last days of the congregation…

This contemporary opera plunges us into a world dominated by violence, oppression and death. With a touch of finesse created by sacred music, we face the fear of death through the eyes of Blanche…

Next shows: January 31 + February 2, 4, 2017 at 7:30 pm

Wilfrid-Pelletier Hall, Place des Arts

175 Sainte-Catherine Street West, Montréal

The Goblin Market by The Dust Palace at Centaur Theatre

For the first time in Montréal, the most important New Zealand circus company is playing at Centaur Theatre. After more than hundred shows presented in Australia and New Zealand, The Dust Palace interprets the iconic poem of Christina Rosetti, The Goblin Market.

The Goblin Market - Photo Credit: Ren Raoult

The Goblin Market – Photo Credit: Ren Raoult

The Goblin Market tells the story of two sisters experiencing sexuality and sisterhood. The show is a well mix of circus and poetry brilliantly staged by the young acrobats. In an intimate atmosphere, the protagonists perform spectacular and magnificent figures for your viewing pleasure.

The Goblin Market - Photo credit: Loork

The Goblin Market – Photo credit: Loork

Last show: November 17th @ 8:00 pm

Centaur Theatre Company

453 St. François-Xavier, Montréal

Aida by Opéra de Montréal

Opéra de Montréal opens the season with Aida by Giuseppe Verdi at the time of ancient Egypt.

Aida - Picture credit: Yves Renaud

Aida – Picture credit: Yves Renaud

Aida is an Ethiopian slave and serves Amneris the daughter of the king of Egypt. She is facing a terrible dilemma because she has to choose between his love for Radamès, the new commander of the Egyptian army, and his father, the king of Ethiopia, at war with the Egyptians.

Aida (Anna Markarova) and Amneris (Olesya Petrova) - Picture credit: Yves Renaud

Aida (Anna Markarova) and Amneris (Olesya Petrova) – Picture credit: Yves Renaud

Above all that, Amneris is also in love with Radamès and aware that his heart only beats for Aida. Day after day, she pretends to be affectionate with Amneris while she becomes increasingly jealous and angry…

Radamès (Kamen Chanev) and Aida (Anna Markarova) - Picture credit: Yves Renaud

Radamès (Kamen Chanev) and Aida (Anna Markarova) – Picture credit: Yves Renaud

Between all this drama, we hope that love will survive…

Next shows: September 20, 22 and 24 at 7:30 pm

Wilfrid-Pelletier Hall, Place des Arts

175 Sainte-Catherine Street West, Montréal


Summer is about good memories, sun and fun!

Akko - Sea Port

Acre – Sea Port (Akko)

Israel gives you more than that with his unique historical and cultural background. We deeply fall in love with this country which is easy to visit and rich with his diversified population. We met warm and welcoming people around the country which makes the journey incredible.

Haifa - Baha'i Gardens

Haifa – Baha’i Gardens

Nazareth - St Gabriel Church

Nazareth – St Gabriel Church

Tiberias - Sea of Galilee

Tiberias – Sea of Galilee

Ein Bokek - Dead Sea

Ein Bokek – Dead Sea

Ein Gedi - Wadi David Waterfall

Ein Gedi – Wadi David Waterfall

Jerusalem - Dome of Rock

Jerusalem – Dome of Rock

Kafr Cana - Cana Church

Kafr Cana – Cana Church

Acre - Turkish Bazaar

Acre – Turkish Bazaar

Tel Aviv - Banana Beach

Tel Aviv – Banana Beach

On top of that the local food is delicious !!!

Fancy Salad @ Lima Nippo Restaurant (Tel Aviv)

Fancy Salad @ Lima Nippo Restaurant (Tel Aviv)

Breakfast @ Camel Beach (Haifa)

Breakfast @ Camel Beach (Haifa)

Brunch @ Benedict Restaurant (Tel Aviv)

Brunch @ Benedict Restaurant (Tel Aviv)


Middle East Pastries @ Acre Turkish Bazaar (Akko)

Centaur Theatre presents BUS STOPS

” They have one thing in common. They were there, when it happened.”

Bus Stops

Centaur Theatre presents the English-language of Bus Stops translated from the original French version Ligne de Bus.

The show starts with a coroner in the middle of a bus burned carcass who tries to unearth the mystery behind the tragic disaster. As time shifts backwards and forwards, each passengers reveal their stories and we are immersed in the hearth of their intimacy.

Superbly crafted from the beginning to the end, the play combines circus, dance and acting all together. Don’t miss this bus, it worth the ride 🙂

Date: until March 27th

Centaur Theatre Company

453 St. François-Xavier, Montréal


What if Anne Frank had survived the war?

Credit: Andrée Lanthier

The Secret Annex is an imaginative tale about one of the most known icon of the Second World War. Anne Frank is 25 years old, living in New York and determined to get her diary published. While her sister follows the steps of a conformist life, Anne is completely at the opposite and focused on the idea to be a writter…not easy for a young woman at that time! From the dream to the obsession, The Secret Annex draws the portrait of a young woman at the pursuit of her happiness…

Next shows: until February 21th

Segal Centre

5170 chemin de la Côte-Ste-Catherine, Montréal


Opéra de Montréal begins the year 2016 with Otello, the greatest masterpiece of Giuseppe Verdi. This lyrical drama opera is structured in four acts rhythms by conspiracy, jealousy and revenge. The show tells the story of Otello who is the general of the Venetian army. Enamored and  naive, Otello is being manipulated by Iago who convinced him that his wife is having an affair. Enraged, Otello has one word in mind…revenge!

Otello - Crédit : Yves Renaud

Crédit : Yves Renaud

Next shows: February 2, 4 and 6

Wilfrid-Pelletier Hall, Place des Arts

175 Sainte-Catherine Street West, Montréal

19th Annual Wildside theatre festival

The 19th Annual Wildside theatre festival now playing at Centaur Theatre. There is an incredible lineup this winter with a large cast of shows including dark comedy, witty monologues and more.

So far, my favorite is Miss Katelyn’s Grade Threes Prepare for the Inevitable which is an one-woman show telling  the story of a passionate teacher who is concerned that her grade threes aren’t adequately prepared in the advent of an active shooter. The role is playing by Elena Balyea who recently won the Frankie Awards for the Best English Text (Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal) at Fringe Festival last summer. She will be performing on stage this saturday 16th and sunday 17th, don’t miss her!

Date: until January 17th

Centaur Theatre Company

453 St. François-Xavier, Montréal