Montreal Fashion Week – Day 3 #MFW

FW2013 Rachel Sin

For the third day of the Montreal Fashion Week, we contact designer Rachel Sin for an exclusive interview.

About Rachel Sin

Rachel Sin is a designer for both the body and city landscapes. Rachel began developing a passion for all things well designed in her studies, earning a Masters degree in architecture. Launching her own line she enjoys the fast pace release of each new season and the expression of creativity where she has full design control.


What does fashion represent for you?

I love seeing strong women who take pride in what they wear and use their wardrobe as an extension of their confidence, originality and personal style.

When did you realize you wanted to be a fashion designer?

I’m one of those want to do it all people. Fashion design is another channel for creative release, it was something that I always wanted to pursue, but did not think I had to go to school to study. I took sewing classes while completing my Masters in Architecture at Carleton University.

In a few words, how would you be able to describe your Fall Winter 2013-14 collection?

This collection’s inspiration is a simple one – the high school nerd has grown up and she is chic, knows what she wants and wants to do-it-all. This woman doesn’t hide behind her glasses anymore; she is the confident working girl who is always on the go. Each outfit transitions effortlessly from day to night, downtown to the red carpet and right into the after party.

Do you have any rituals that helps you prepare for your runway shows?

Take the time to catch up with the parent’s of the models that have travelled to do my show.

Take a couple minutes to relax and chat with the stylist and MUA when getting my make-up done, it’s the most relaxing part of the day.

Making sure that my boyfriend get’s in the group picture with all the models, once I forgot and never heard the end of it.

Always remember to thank everyone part of the team involved with making your vision a reality.

What is your advice for emerging designers who support Kelledstyle?

Work hard and you definitely have to be passionate about what you do. Starting your business is hard, creating a successful clothing label is even harder. No one becomes successful overnight. By the time you hear about any new talented artist, they have been working hard and perfecting what they do for a very long time.