Centaur Theatre: You Will Remember Me

Centaur Theatre Company presents the Quebec English-language Premiere of You Will Remember Me until April 2nd. The play is the translation of Tu te souviendras de moi originally written by François Archambault in 2014.

Edouard, the main protagonist, is a highly respected history professor and political commentator who is suffering from Alzheimer disease. As ironic as it sounds, Edouard can recite famous historical dates but can’t remember recent events. Breathless, his wife Madeleine decides to abandon him to their daughter Isabelle for an undetermined time…

Edouard: “Well, don’t be gone too long … I might not remember who you are.

Isabelle (Johanna Nutter) and Edouard (Jean Marchand) – Photo Credit: Andrée Lanthier

Isabelle: ” I’m in the moment with you, Dad… My wonderful Dad who I love, even if, sorry, you drive me crazy most of the time.”

As the author explains “I didn’t want to make a play that only talks about Alzheimer’s; I wanted it to be wider than that. (…) I explore what we retain of our family history and the history of the society in which we operate; the things that we remember and those we prefer to forget.

Next shows: Matinées (1:00 pm & 2:00 pm) and Evenings (8:00 pm) until April 2nd.

Centaur Theatre Company

453 St. François-Xavier, Montreal