Activewear – 3 Things To Buy At L’Équipeur

window shop
L’Équipeur Store at Alexis Nihon Shopping Centre

L’Équipeur recently opened its first downtown location in the heart of Alexis Nihon Shopping Centre. For the occasion, we were invited for a festive happy hour launch in presence of hosts Étienne Boulay and Maika Desnoyers.

Known as Mark’s outside of Quebec, the store offers a wide selection of men’s and women’s work clothes and outdoor wear to casual apparel from a variety of brands: Levi’s, SUNG Alfred Sung, Timberland, Skechers and many more.

If you are looking to get back in shape or to refresh your old activewear, here are 3 suggestions of items now available at l’Équipeur.

black training shoes
Nike – Women’s Flex Trainer 7 Training Shoes (price: 94.99$)

The Nike Flex Trainer 7 Women’s Training Shoe is designed for comfort and support with breathable mesh and hexagonal flex grooves for flexibility in any direction. According to product description, Nike used Roman sandals as inspiration for these sport shoes, incorporating forefoot cables for a secure and locked-down fit when you’re working out at the gym.

After one week trying those shoes, we can confirm that they are very comfortable and they efficiently absorb impacts during workout session.

gym, legging, bra
Shambhala – High Impact Sports Bra (price: 39.99$) and 100 Wash Yoga legging (price: 59.99$)

Shambhala High Impact Sports Bra is tailored for high-intensity activities and delivers a good support. The bra is really soft and fits next to the skin without squeezing. Moreover, we really like the adjustable back closure which allows to modify the size when needed.

Shambhala 100 Wash Yoga legging made in nylon features the CURVE-TECH® shape-enhancing technology. This innovation includes butt lifter contouring that “puts things in place” and also tummy control for a slimmer appearance. In addition, this legging has the 100 Wash guarantee against fading, shrinking and pilling.

To help you get started or to boost your fitness routine, here are 2 basic exercises from to work your lower body and your abs.

1. Reverse Lunge
gym, one person doing reverse lunge
Reverse lunge

Begin in a standing tall position with your hands on your hips or hanging at your sides or overhead. Look directly forward by keeping your chest up and your feet shoulder-width apart.

Initiate the movement by taking a large and controlled step to the rear, allowing your hips and knees to flex to lower your body. Lower your hips so that your front leg becomes parallel to the floor with your knee positioned directly over your ankle. Your back knee should be bent at a 90-degree angle and pointing toward the floor with your back heel lifted.

After 2 or 3 seconds, return to the starting position by driving through the heel of the front leg to extend the knees and hips. Repeat the movement on the same leg or alternate with the other leg.

2. Dead Bug
gym, one person doing dead bug
Dead Bug

Being lying on your back with your hands extended above you toward the ceiling. Bring your feet, knees, and hips up to 90 degrees. Your knees should be directly above your hips, forming a straight line with your thighs. Deeply exhale to bring your ribcage down while keeping your back flat onto the floor and squeezing your glutes. Hold this position throughout the movement.

gym, one person doing dead bug
Dead Bug

To initiate the exercise slowly lower one arm and extending the opposite leg down to the floor simultaneously. Lower them down just above the floor and slowly return to the starting position. Repeat on the opposite side and continue the movement for specific number of repetitions or period of time.


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