The Face Shop Beauty and Care

The Face Shop beauty products have this little something I particularly appreciate: mixing beauty and care two-in-one. If it’s an usual practice for you to apply makeup, note that it’s even more important to take good care of your skin without neglecting any details.

Collagen Ampoule Lipstick (25$)

Collagen Ampoule Lipstick moisturizes your lips with shimmering colors. It contains anti-aging complex that reduces the appearance of fine lines and protects your lips. The key ingredient in this lipstick is the Macadamia Seed Oil known to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Seed Cure Lash Essence Mascara (25$)

Seed Cure Lash Essence Masacara contrary to its name it’s not a typical mascara. In reality, it’s a nighttime eyelash essence rich in nutrients that helps your lashes look healthy and elastic. Seed Cure complex is made from extracts of five plants seed: barley, green tea, quinoa, pumpkin and cotton.

How to use? Apply an adequate amount on eyelashes just before bedtime by concentrating on the roots and massage slowly with the rounded tip for better results.

The Face Shop beauty products are available online and you can also visit a store or a local retailer near you by using “find a store” on their website.

Sentaler delivers “Milestone Gifts” for patients at SickKids for the #SENTALER4SICKKIDS initiative

Bojana Sentaler (center) with members from SickKids – Photo credit: Mathew Tsang

Bojana Sentaler, Designer and Creative Director of SENTALER, the Canadian luxury outerwear brand, delivered custom kids hats as “Milestone Gifts” for patients at The Hospital for
Sick Children (SickKids) as part of the #SENTALER4SickKids initiative.

The #SENTALER4SickKids initiative officially launched in August of 2016 and will continue until March 2017, with 25% of all hat sales directly benefiting SickKids Foundation, which raises funds on behalf of SickKids and is the largest charitable funder of child health research, learning and care in Canada.

Photo credit: Mathew Tsang

We want the public to know that our fundraising efforts with SickKids will continue into the spring of 2017 and we hope that people continue to promote and support this great initiative. Every hat helps!” says Bojana Sentaler, Designer and Creative Director, SENTALER.

Rocky Mountain Handmade Soap Natural Skin Care

Because we all need pampering, treat yourself with Rocky Mountain handmade soap 100% natural skin care or offer this thoughtful gift to someone else this holiday season.

Aloe There Soap (100g – 5,25$)

What makes Rocky Mountain handmade soap so special?

Soap bars are made with natural fats from plant based, herbs, essential oils, mashed fruit or vegetables. Before being cut by hand, the mix is curing during 8 weeks. Those soaps are vegan and toxin free!

Aloe There is one of my favorite because it’s deeply nourishing. With the add of Rosemary and Mint, senses are slowly awakened when showering. This aroma suits for normal to dry skin and even sensitive. Visit Rocky Mountain online boutique to discover the entire collection.

LOV: New Restaurant for Healthy Food Lovers in Montreal

Brand new LOV Restaurant located in Old Port offers organic, local and vegetarian food.

tables, chairs and plants

LOV Restaurant – Photo Credit: Patricia Brochu

Chef Stéphanie Audet, previously part of the Crudessence team, created a vegan menu with vegetarian options (eggs and dairy products). “I want to offer food that is healthy , good for the planet and tasty too!” said Stéphanie.

One person smiling

LOV Restaurant – Chef Stéphanie Audet

LOV Restaurant welcomes you for breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday through Saturday with choices of smoothie bowls, starters, burgers, salads, tartines and more.

breakfast bowl

LOV Restaurant – Breakfast

food, vegetables

LOV Restaurant – Starter

food, burger

LOV Restaurant – Burger

They also serve fresh cocktails created by Romain Cavelier (Mal Nécessaire, Henry St-Henry, L’Gros Luxe) and natural wines carefully selected by Steve Beauséjour (Rézin) to create an immersive experience.


LOV Restaurant – Cocktails

I had the pleasure to be part of the Grand Opening night last week and as a newly vegetarian I was pleasantly charmed by the delicious tastes and the fresh decor. This place is a must try 🙂

LOV Restaurant

464 McGill Street, Montreal